Construction Glass Scratches

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Even in situations where prevention and proper cleaning methods are stressed, there are times when scratched windows are encountered on the jobsite.

To help deal with these scenarios, NOVUS Glass Restoration and Scratch Removal offers a glass restoration service. This service includes a process by which the scratch is ground out of the glass, and then polished to a factory quality finish. This service is provided on site and with typical response times far better than those of the average glazing service.

The cost of restoring the glass is also considerably cheaper than replacement, in most cases.


  • Reduce manufacturing, distribution and fabrication expenses
  • Save the cost of replacement glass, reinstallation and down time
  • Save time and labour costs versus glass replacement

NOVUS will save you plenty of time and money on even the smallest job. Cost savings on large projects can run into thousands of dollars!

The Results are Very Clear!

Our experienced technicians work with state of the art equipment to give you impecable glass repair results.

Takes Care of Graffiti, Scratches and Stains on:

  • Shop & Office Windows
  • Glass Doors/Displays
  • Plate, Laminated & Toughened Glass
  • Glass Table Tops
  • Large House Windows