NOVUS Glass restoration and Scratch Removal has been in New Zealand for over 20 years.
During this time we were polishing scratched glass on commercial premises and we saw the start of the graffiti on glass etching. In 1998 we attended a NOVUS Conference in San Diego and spent some time with the NOVUS Scratch Removal franchisee from that area. He was removing graffiti etching in glass as well as having a team that specialised in removing window scratches and glass repair in house and construction windows.

We now specialise in Glass Restoration which is very satisfying to help rid the communities of unsightly graffiti on glass and scratched windows in all types of situations.

We have slowly progressed through to polishing a wide variety of damage on all sorts of glass in a variety of locations.  The growth of graffiti etching in glass in the late 1990s led to customers phoning us to see if we could remove this new style of graffiti and vandalism. By adapting our technique we were able to successfully remove the graffiti and leave the clients windows clean and clear.

We have polished graffiti scratched in glass and scratches from windows at several levels of buildings not only the ground floor and our relationship with several Height safety companies in Auckland we can polish scratches at any height.

The advantage of using NOVUS to polish the glass is that the glass does not have to be removed
so that the building always remains secure.

When required we have worked on buildings and shops through the night so that we do not inconvenience their customers or operation. This enables the shops to continue trading so there is no loss of trading hours.

We have full and comprehensive Public Liability Insurance cover to cover our work in large shopping malls and buildings.

To have the graffiti scratches on your glass removed

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