NOVUS has been a worldwide leader in glass restoration for more than 20 years. Our NOVUS Glass Restoration and Scratch Removal System quickly and easily restores many types of damaged and scratched glass it saves time, money and hassle that accompanies glass replacement.

Our Guarantee

Because we are confident of the technology and results that can be achieved by our equipment, to ensure the guaranteed result, NOVUS will if necessary, carry out a no-cost demonstration.

Graffiti etched into glass.

Glass graffiti or graffiti etched into glass negatively impacts business, and can offend some customers.  Restoring rather than replacing scratched glass offers huge savings for customers.
The NOVUS Glass Restoration System also easily removes unsightly hard water and mineral deposits without the use of harsh chemicals

For damages that are too severe to be repaired by the NOVUS Glass Restoration Polisher, NOVUS Glass Restoration also uses a unique resin repair kit that is specifically designed to repair the most severe scratches and clamshell damages found on commercial glass.


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Scratched Glass During Construction

Commercial and residential glass becomes scratched or scuffed during delivery, installation, etc or during the building process.  The NOVUS Glass Restoration and Scratch Removal System eliminates the downtime, hassle and expense of re-ordering replacement glass and reinstallation.

Anti Graffiti Film

For complete surface protection from graffiti and vandalism we use and recomend

Cover-up is a crystal clear polyester film with an adhesive on one side and a tough patented scratch resistant coating on the other.  It can be applied to all glazed surfaces inside or out and many other smooth non-porous surfaces to provide an effective barrier against damage. The film acts a a sacrificial barrier between the vandal and your property.

We have found over the years that this product by MEP Llumar Films provides the necessary protection for the glass, stainless steel or acrylic panels that are prone to graffiti etching or any other form of scratching.

To have the graffiti scratches on your glass removed

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