Graffiti etched into Glass?

NOVUS Glass Restoration and Scratch Removal can effectively polish and remove the results of taggers on glass. We have been polishing graffiti on glass for over 10 years now and polishing scratches on glass for around 18 years. We clear polish the glass at all times during our procedure, so there is no scratching or milky effect from our machines.

Most window scratches and graffiti etched in glass are not excessively deep so that our polishing of the glass falls within the guidelines for the standards of the glasses thicknesses and tolerances.

We can repair the glass even though the scratches may felt by ones’ fingernail. The graffiti that has been etched into the glass is not a pretty sight and by polishing the glass etching away we return the glass back to looking good for the shop or premises. As most shops are generally large windows and a door, polishing the graffiti etching during business hours may be disruptive. If this is the case then we will polish the graffiti etching after hours, generally early mornings but as with some businesses that we do work for, we work through the night so as not to disrupt the business.



To have the graffiti scratches on your glass removed

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