Windscreen wiper scratches

Most vehicles can and do fail  WOF’s because of a scratch on the windscreen caused by either a stone under the wiper or a faulty wiper.

The NOVUS Scratch Removal system can polish the scratch on the windscreen so that the car will pass it’s WOF at a fraction of the cost of a replacement windscreen with less hassle.

We provide a mobile service all over greater Auckland and with our own generators in the back of our vehicles we can polish the glass anywhere.

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Acid Rain or mineral deposits

We can successfully remove acid rain deposits from all the glass on the vehicle.

Windscreen Repair and Replacement

NOVUS can repair or replace your windscreen if required.

Honesty is the cornerstone of doing good business. It is essential in the autoglass industry to maintain a high degree of credibility This is achieved in the NOVUS network by our policy “REPAIR first, REPLACE when necessary”. This philosophy supports our group commitment to sustainability. As each NOVUS outlet is an owner-operated business, customers can be assured of complete integrity with each job.

If we can’t repair it – No one can!

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